Wireless Spy Hidden Camera, Corprit 1080P WiFi Home Security Camera Table Clock Nanny Cam

Wireless Spy Hidden Camera, Corprit 1080P WiFi Home Security Camera Table Clock Nanny Cam

  • Real clock function, It is a super simple table clock with a HD hidden camera built-in, it can be placed anywhere without being noticed. Multi-function, it works as a clock while monitoring your room,families or pets,you can access the video feed at any time anywhere you want, great for home security and office surveillance.
  • With APP "BVCAM" installed, you can use the iOS or Android devices such as smart phone/tablet to view the real time video and control the Spy camera. What's more, after connecting this spy camera with your Router, you can see the real-time video on your mobile remotely when you away anywhere.
  • Easy network setup: download and install the APP on smart phone, power on this clock covert camera, search the clock camera WLAN hotspot in WIFI list on smart phone, connect and add it in the APP. You can see the video and take the photo in the app within 33 feet around clock camera. For further range, you should connect the camera to your local wireless Router then you can access the the camera anywhere you want.
  • This hidden cam supports 1080P HD video recording,motion detection and loop recording. It supports both live video feed and local storage for video, you can view real time video and record the video on a memory card in the camera, suitable to be used as home security camera, nanny cam and baby monitor.
  • A 18650 battery provided in package, this clock hidden camera can be powered by it directly. But to keep WiFi signal stable and record long time, powering via the AC Wall charger(included in package) will be suggested. With iOS/Android APP, You can rotate the image ,adjust brightness, turn on/off the IR LED, select loop recording, motion detection and network setting.
Product instruction: https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B4btSeYQfRaddjl1UEdHN1ZkY0k

MC259 is our new hidden IP camera which has a delicate appearance and dress up as a clock, make people will never notice it. It work over wifi, you'll be able to see what's happening in real time on your iOS/Android device.
Here is video link about WIFI connection for your reference: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6-0XrzB620Q&feature=youtu.be
Any questions please contact us freely.

1. Before you use this camera, please install the APP "BVCAM" first.
2. You can set the time to decide the length of every video. To see the video, you can choose on the mobile APP, or read the micro SD card directly on PC.
3. Switch the "ON/OFF" button of the camera back to "ON", which makes the camera work, otherwise you will not search the WLAN hotspot of camera on mobile.
4. Reset camera please press "R" button of camera back for 6 seconds.


List Price: $ 89.99 Price:

WiFi Hidden Camera Spy Camera Smoke Detector, DareTang HD 1080P Motion Detection Activated Mini Video Recorder Security Cameras for iPhone,Android and PC

WiFi Hidden Camera Spy Camera Smoke Detector, DareTang HD 1080P Motion Detection Activated Mini Video Recorder Security Cameras for iPhone,Android and PC

  • UNIQUE DESIGN-It looks like a smoke detector(without real smoke detector function),with a HD hidden camera built-in,nobody will realized this is a spy hidden camera,you can see exactly what happened when you were not in your home,office,business,factories,no easy to find out.
  • MOTION ACTIVATED-When set to motion detection mode using the remote your spy cam records video automatically when motion.
  • WIFI SPY CAMERA-P2P IP Camera Support Wifi Connection and Android phone & IOS iPhone iPad,Support Real-time Video view,video Recording, shooting photos, protect your piracy,Also support real-time video remote view by Smartphone APP( ios or android )anytime anywhere.
  • LOOP VIDEO RECORDER-Loop recording automatically overwrites oldest files if the memory fills up, simply sync time with PC to show accurate time stamp in videos and photos,Supports up to 64GB(Not included)storage in max, it will override the initial file when the space is full.
  • RECHARGEABLE BATTERY-Rechargeable battery built-in,with 2000mAh Capacity,More than 4hours working time each fully charged;support 7/24hrs working with outlet power supply.
Product Features:
1.Video resolution: HD 1920*1080,1280*720
2.Video Format: AVI
3.Compressed format:H.264
4. Battery capacity: 2650 mAh
5.Charging time:4 hours
6.Mobile operation system: Android/IOS
7.Computer operation system: Windows/Mac OS
8.Motion detection distance: 5 m straight-line
9.Type of memory card: Micro SD card ,up to 64GB (Not included)

How Can I Time Settings?
Time Zone: select your Time Zone, click "OK" to save changes. Click "Sync with App Time", then the camera time will be in sync with your device time.

How Can I Reset My Camera?
1.The reset button is located at the bottom of camera.
2. Please use a pin/pencil to lightly press and hold for about 5 Sec, wait for 15 Sec, the blue light and red light will be flashing together, and then the reset is done.
3. After reset, the camera will recover its factory settings, you can reset it if you fail to connect, forget your password.

List Price: $ 59.99 Price: $ 59.99

Hidden Camera, SharpCam WiFi 1080P FHD USB Wall Charger with Spy Camera, Video-Only Camera for Home Security

Wall Charger 15A

  • Unique Design
  • Durable PC Material
  • Nice Look
Package Included:
1*Wall Charger

List Price: $ 49.99 Price:

Wifi Nanny Camera Charger Adapter,ESROVER HD 1080P P2P Wifi Nanny Camera Adapter for IOS iPhone Android Phone APP Remote View

Wifi Hidden Camera,ESROVER 1080P P2P Wireless Nanny Camera for IOS iPhone Android Phone APP Remote View (1)

  • SECURIY NANNY CAMERA:2.4ghz Wifi Supported Only,Not 5Ghz.
  • WLAN Mode Camera:Download the App on your phone , then search the camera Wi-Fi on mobile WLAN setting, click connect.Wait till the WIFI signal logo shows up on the top of phone, open the app, add the camera, then you can view the live video within a range of about 10 meters (33 feet)
  • APP REMOTE CONTROL Camera:Download free App: "HDMiniCam" from "Google Play" or "App Store" and connect the wifi mini module camera with wifi network,there is no distance limitation for you to view the live video/record video and pictures anywhere anytime.You can follow the manual step by step
  • MOTION DETECTION FUNCTION: Enable the Motion Alert in APP, when motion is detected, the APP will take snapshots and send alert to you, you can check the snapshots in alarm album.(Even though you do not insert a SD card, it also can save clear motion snapshots in APP in case you need it as proof)
  • EASILY OPERATE: The set up APP is easy, you can control it from anywhere on your smart phone with Internet access. Even if there is no Internet access, you can insert the micro SD card into the wifi hidden module camera, it also can function automatically. When you want to playback from SD card in APP, just need to connect WIFI.
Two Ways Network Configuration:
1. WLAN Mode
When camera plug into socket and see flashing LED lights that means the camera is emitting a WiFi signal.
You will find the device'UID code on your phone¡¯s WiFi list of possible WiFi connections.
You simply connect to it and will start seeing the camera feed on your phone!
When you are connected this way, you are able to view the feed on your phone within a range of about 10 meters (33 feet). 2.Internet Mode
Based on WLAN mode,change device WiFi connection setting on APP to your 2.4GHz Wireless router,
After successful configuration,the device takes time to restart and wait a few minutes.
You can see the image real time remotely when you are away anywhere.
(Make sure your phone's 4G network working or connect your phone with other Router by WiFi). Best WIFI Wall Charger Camera Security Camera Surveillance Use-Intelligent monitoring your home,office or other indoor.
Or using the camera as


FREDI Hidden Mini Camera Spy Mini Camera 1080p HD mini wireless camera ip camera for iPhone/Android Phone/ iPad Remote View with Motion Detection(support 128G SD card)

Littleadd Hidden Camera Detector 1080P HD Spy Camera Motion Activated Video Recording Remote Control Wireless Security Camera Nanny Cam White (3rd Version)

Littleadd Hidden Camera Detector 1080P HD Spy Camera Motion Activated Video Recording Remote Control Security Camera Nanny Cam White (3rd Version)

  • A mini camera is hidden in; features continuous video recording, motion detection video recording, Web cam and taking photos; suitable for security and surveillance, nanny cam and spy camera
  • Motion detection video recording is supported; when a motion is detected, the camera will be triggered to record videos; 1080P full HD videos with vivid details; 78deg field of its lens view
  • Convenient to use with remote control from 15 meters away; simply sync video recording time with PC to display accurate time in the video
  • 10hrs continuous video recording after fully charged; energy efficient and easy to charge when connected with PC via USB cable; can be used as a Web cam
  • Micro SD card loop recording is supported up to 32GB (can record 8h HD videos); no night vision feature; simply mount it on your wall or ceiling with the screws included

List Price: $ 49.99 Price: $ 49.99

FREDI HD 1080P Wifi Camera Alarm Clock Night Vision/Motion Detection/Display Temperature Home Surveillance Cameras

FREDI HD 1080P Wifi Camera Alarm Clock Night Vision/Motion Detection/Display Temperature Home Surveillance Cameras

  • please note that: there is a protective film on the camera's surface of screen.which is for avoiding the scratching and finger prints leave on the camera's screen. You can remove the protective film when you receive the camera.Wi-Fi hidden camera alarm clock supports remote view live video
  • Night vision allows you to see and record even in 100% total darkness.
  • When something is moving in the room, it will take a picture and push a message to your phone
  • In the user-friendly app, you can view live video anytime and anywhere
  • The battery last time about 7 hours
1.This camera ONLY SUPPORT 2.4G WiFi,it can't support 5G WiFi
2. Due to the long time of transport,the camera's battery will be low power,please charging 2-3 hours befor use.
3. Before use,please insert a micro SD card to save the video,and for the first time to use of the micro SD card,please format the micro SD card.
4. This is a high-tech product, please read the instructions carefully before use.

Operation Step by Step As Follow:
1.Download and install the app "BVCAM"In your phone.
2.Turn on the alarm clock [When you open the battery cover, you will found the "ON/OFF" button]
3. Take your phone connect the alarm clock camera's wifi hot spots [Open the phone's "Setting"_Click "WiFi"_Search the wifi hot spot_Connected]. NOTE:The wifi hot spots is under the QR code which sticker on the camera body.
4. Connects the camera [Open the app,click the"+"icon_click"Add new online Camera"_click"Search (LAN)"_click "new device"_click"OK" _the

List Price: $ 44.99 Price: $ 44.99